Costa Rica Bachelor Party

We are proud to find the best ideas and the best place for your VIP farewell package. We are specialized in finding rental right, instead of being one of the outrage Villa, House, Mansion, condo or hotel to celebrate its birthday. We consider ourselves as experts with 15 years experience of living here in Jaco Costa Rica.

We can provide a lot of information and the latest customer reviews we have asked from VIP experts. We love to live and work Pura Vida and life much slower than the wonderful people Costa Rica has to offer. We are both its licensed company in Costa Rica that can handle large or small groups, and we specialize in groups of 50 and no problem and we do arc.

Costa Rica Fishing Experts

Planning your Best Bachelor Party

Everyone can help in planning the best destination and package for your group. We are here to help in any way we can, customers have told us the VIP experts. We had several groups that tell us that we will never go to Las Vegas or New York again. They spent half the money and had twice the amount of pleasure in Costa Rica.

The VIP boyfriend
The Boyfriend may be doubt on to go to Costa Rica or not, but he must believe us. The people here are very friendly and have help in planning ensures that very well.

All have their expectations
We must talk about people who think everyone, but especially the groom. Once we arrived at the end of a package for your group, it is best to talk by phone. We always like to make sure all the bases are covered.
Kith and kin

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